Women: Your F1 needs you. So says Claire Williams of, naturally, the Williams F1 team. She was promoted to the position of Deputy Team Principal of the team only this year, but already she’s speaking out about why more women should get involved in F1.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Claire is the daughter of Sir Frank Williams, the founder of the Williams F1 team. She’s been adept at pre and post race interviews with the media this season – doling out just enough honesty to give the interview credibility but without undermining the morale and efforts of her team.


In a recent interview with the Telegraph, Williams strongly advocated women becoming more involved in Formula 1. And not just being the usual line up of “grid girls”, glam lip-glossed preened faux-fur clad F1 WAGS and madly clapping air-hostess-like girls who appear at the end of races for seemingly No. Apparent. Reason … no, Williams wants women to really be involved in F1: as the engineers, the drivers and hey, while we’re at it, maybe even the next Bernie Ecclestones (taller, of course).

There’s no reason why women cannot come into Formula One; there’s nothing stopping young girls coming in, as drivers, as technicians – send your CV in.

We at Williams have a skills shortage so if girls are coming up to the right level why on earth wouldn’t we recruit from the pool where 50pc of society is female?

Ms Williams, we salute you. Now, where’s my CV?

And if you’re still not convinced, feel free to subscribe to the Sir Stirling Moss views on wimmin in F1 by clicking here. Diversity Tsar he ain’t.

No way! Badger’s favourite facts about Ms Williams

  • Favourite film – Top Gun
  • (Not-so) secret crush – Jon Bon Jovi, “He’s like fine wine, he’s matured” – Sorry, what?
  • She’s no good at reversing cars, “which is slightly embarrassing”
Credit: Williams F1
Credit: Williams F1

The Bird’s-eye view (aka what Twitter says)

“An open invitation to join F1. Especially if you are female.” – @HelenArmfield

bit.ly/132LXNM  Any women out there want to prove Sir Moss wrong? Get your CVs over to Claire Williams.” – @GreatInitiative

“Is F1 just for men? Claire Williams doesn’t think so…” – @RandstadCPEltd

“Insightful article with Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal of #Williams #F1″ – @DP_Jordan