Vienna, Tuesday: Former Benetton and Williams F1 driver Alexander Wurz has declared that Team Superfund, a new outfit hoping to be accepted into the 2010 world championship, has what it takes to claim some of the most prestigious prizes in Formula One as soon as it starts competing.

Confident: Superfund team principal-to-be Alex Wurz
Confident: Superfund team principal-to-be Alex Wurz

“Obviously things like race wins and championships will come eventually,” Wurz, who will become team principal of the Austrian squad if their entry is accepted, said, “but our main aim for the immediate future is to acquire the prestigious title for having F1’s Silliest Team Name. We are sure that achieving this goal will be easy.”

Wurz admitted that the team had been inspired by Brawn GP, “whose name is a bit strange, although it’s unavoidable as that is Ross’ last name,” but the tradition of deliberately ludicrous team names goes back much further than this. Super Aguri, Scuderia Toro Rosso and EuroBrun all entered F1 with the original intention of being lauded for their tremendously silly appelations.

Wurz insisted that the relation to team owner Christian Baha’s investment company was entirely coincidental. “We just started throwing random words together. We thought about Team Enginetoe, Team Pirateklaxon and Team Sausagebasket, but we decided that Superfund was the best we could come up with. And anyway, the last one sounded a little rude.”

Superfund will face stiff competition among fellow new-for-2010 applicants if they are to secure the prestigious prize, with Litespeed GP and the cumbersomely named US Grand Prix Engineering (which sounds like something that happened in 2005) also hoping to be accepted into the sport next season.

Wurz also revealed that Superfund would be searching for the silliest-named drivers in order to complete their lineup, but declined to reveal any further details. Sources indicate that the team believe no GP2 racer currently has a sufficiently bizarre name for their purposes, so the Austrian team may need to cast their net wider.