Hats off to Mark Webber, with Abu Dhabi being the first of his final 3 races of his F1 career it’s clear he’s aiming to go out on a high.  

Photo: Red Bull Racing
Photo: Red Bull Racing

The first session saw the younger teams bowing out along with Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez.  Adrian will need a super awesome strategy to continue Force India’s run of points on Sunday… keep an eye out for that.

Round 2 was rather alarming for Fernando Alonso who missed out on chance to fight for pole, with only managing 11th best, behind his team mate, Massa who out qualified him again.  Jenson Button also sounded like he needed a sit down with some tea and cake after missing out on getting through to Q3.  Sahara Force India’s hopes of a top 10 grid slot rested with Paul Di Resta, but sadly the Scot could only muster 12th fastest.

Standout performances in Q2 for Perez, Ricciardo and Hulkenberg who finished 5th, 6th and 7th fro McLaren, Toro Rosso and Sauber.  It was a closely matched session, so kudos to them for making it happen.

As we enter the final session, to predict anyone besides Vettel (or ‘Phettel’ as everyone seems to be calling him now) would be nuts.  Yes the Mercedes duo would have a chance and maybe even Grosjean too, but as the fastest time was set by the 2013 World Champion, it looked to be sewn up.  Until Mark Webber went out and put together a magical lap to steal pole from his team mate.

For Mark’s sake I hope he can ‘do a Vettel’ on Sunday and take a win and end his career on a high.  He deserves that.

The Starting Grid:

1Mark WebberRed Bull/Renault1'39.957-
2Sebastian VettelRed Bull/Renault1'40.0750.118
3Nico RosbergMercedes1'40.4190.462
4Lewis HamiltonMercedes1'40.5010.544
5Kimi RaikkonenLotus/Renault1'40.5420.585
6Nico HulkenbergSauber/Ferrari1'40.5760.619
7Romain GrosjeanLotus/Renault1'40.9971.040
8Felipe MassaFerrari1'41.0151.058
9Sergio PerezMcLaren/Mercedes1'41.0681.111
10Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso/Ferrari1'41.1111.154
11Fernando AlonsoFerrari1'41.0931.136
12Paul Di RestaForce India/Mercedes1'41.1331.176
13Jenson ButtonMcLaren/Mercedes1'41.2001.243
14Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso/Ferrari1'41.2791.322
15Pastor MaldonadoWilliams/Renault1'41.3951.438
16Valtteri BottasWilliams/Renault1'41.4471.490
18Adrian SutilForce India/Mercedes1'42.0512.094
19G.van der GardeCaterham/Renault1'43.2523.295
20Charles PicCaterham/Renault1'43.5283.571
21Max ChiltonMarussia/Cosworth1'44.1984.241
22*Jules BianchiMarussia/Cosworth1'43.3983.441