About Badger

Since launching in 2008 our tagline has been “Formula 1 isn’t boring”. That sums up Badger’s raison d’etre: to have fun with F1.

The sport is often taken too seriously for its own good. With our famous Fantasy Grand Prix game, legendary Grand Prix Screening events, awesome merchandise, F1 travel packages and in-depth articles written by passionate and knowledgeable fans, Badger aims to put that balance right.

While you’ll find the usual news headlines on our Twitter feed and sites like BBC F1 and Autosport, the Badger ethos is to provide a more interesting selection of reading material. We give you discussion on the latest news, great races and events from the sport’s history, fun topical cartoons, genuinely interesting interviews and personal pieces from fans. If it’s copied-and-pasted press releases or made up rumours you’re after you’re in the wrong place.


Established in 2008 as a bit of fun, Badger quickly gained a strong readership and became a ‘proper website’ the following year. It has since grown rapidly thanks to our expanding team of writers, thousands of Fantasy Grand Prix players and well over a million article views per year.

Now known throughout the paddock, Badger GP has interviewed most drivers on the grid, published exclusive stories and gained accreditation for many events – all to bring F1 to the fans.

Since 2010 Badger has also organised the hugely popular Grand Prix Screening events. Aimed at giving fans a proper F1 viewing experience at an affordable price, these attract sell-out crowds to enjoy the sport with fellow enthusiasts in a fun atmosphere.

Badger GP raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity through auctions and fund raising events, including the Ride2 organisation we’re partnered with – cycling across Europe for Grands Prix.

Careers have been launched for several journalists and photographers in the making too, with some of alumni going on to work for the BBC, become recognised professional photographers  and running PR for leading racing teams.

Now, in 2015 Badger has a strong writing team producing high quality, insightful original content that you won’t find anywhere else. With plans for yet more exciting events, great merchandise and grand prix tickets, Badger GP is the fans’ destination for all things F1.

Get involved

Do you have what it takes to get up and get writing and creating great content?  If you have passion for Formula 1 and creative tendencies then you should get in touch, we always reply and would love to hear from you.